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    Technical Support And Consultation

    Architectural stainless steel, aluminum and glazing works are prevalent in todays’ growing market. Therefore, optimizing their performance and applicability is a function of design and engineering. Our in-house experts provide technical solutions and offer consultation in term of correct finishing, material, design specification, compliance with local and international codes and standards.

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    Project Management

    DSP DOHA is proud to have well-educated and highly experienced project managers who are involved from the initial design phase through final handover.

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    Design and Value Engineering

    Design and Engineering process is fundamental to the success of a project and our dedicated team, consisting of senior designers with supervision of a technical architect, is well versed in all aspects of the processes.

    The procedure of designing is as follows: Design workshops with both clients and architects are held to further understand the scope of work. Later on, shop drawings with engineering calculations are being generated. Next, visual mock-ups for client’s approval and 3rd party testing are prepared. Every designer is required to visit the site and the factory together with project managers and technical managers to have a proper insight on how what they design is being fabricated and installed. Then, 3D/BIM/REVIT modeling is being done. Finally, fabrication drawings get prepared to be sent to the factories.

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    Fabrication & Supply

    Thanks to in-house workshop and being partner with factories overseas with fully modern and the state-of-the-art machinery, DSP DOHA is capable of providing a vast range of architectural finishes products.

    Equipment & Machinery:

    PVD coating line
    PVDF coating line
    V goring machines

    Laser cut
    Hydraulic punching machines

    Laser welding units
    Roll former machines
    Polishing units

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    Our installation team consists of 300 skilled glass and metal installers, welders, stainless steel polishers, and site engineers who get trained in our workshops or in mock-up sessions to perform efficiently on site.

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    Nowadays, a considerable amount of budget is allocated to stainless steel works due to its durability and the elegance from the architectural point of view. If stainless steel is not maintained properly, it will lose its appearance. DSP DOHA hereby provides its clients with operational maintenance manual for specific products and offers training for specific solutions.

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