Design Stainless Steel Project DOHA

DSP DOHA delivers high-quality sustainable cost-effective design, customization, fabrication and installation of architectural metal work and glazing products. DSP DOHA is also a specialist in the provision of standing seam roofing.

Our ExpertisE:

Stainless steel architectural works
Glazing works
Aluminum and ACP facade and wall cladding
Standing seam roofing metal works


DSP DOHA was founded in 2009 and provides full-service solutions for architectural stainless steel, aluminum, glass works and  standing seam roofing projects.  

Our integrated services include design, value engineering, techical support and consultation, manufacturing and fabrication, installation and maintenance.

Over the past decade, DSP  DOHA’s results-oriented  approach, combined with an unwavering commitment to providing an extensive variety of services in Qatar and Kuwait, has resulted in it being awarded a  variety of large complex projects.

DSP DOHA’s factory in Qatar enables the company to respond quickly to time-sensitive projects, smaller ventures and walk in business. Whilst its partner factories overseas provide the capacity to scale its services to deliver high volumes. This new structure  equips the company to provide consistent high quality.


DSP DOHA has strict policies in place to provide a safe and healthy environment in which our employees, visitors and customers can carry out their business. Any and all other policies and procedures must support and comply with this policy statement.

DSP DOHA is committed to a strong safety program that protects its staff, its property and the public from accidents. In this respect, management  supports participation in the program for all  employees and provides the required equipment, training and procedures.

mission statement

DSP DOHA remains at the forefront of architectural metal and glass works delivery through its focus on technological advancements

Our Core Values

Consistently meet client's expectations whilst delivering reliability and flexibility
Always complete all projects on time and on budget
Maintain vigorous quality control systems to ensure constant high-quality finishing
Continuously foster a forward-thinking culture of cutting-edge design and innovative products

Leadership Team

Ahmad Khamis Y M Ibrahim
Hady Tabriz
Managing Director
Peter Williams
Project Director
Ebrahim Tabriz
Project Manager
Ossman Jari
Project Manager
Andrew Philip
Project Manager
K Thayalan
Chief Financial Officer
Bryan Alarcon
Design Manager
Renila Flores
QA/QC Manager
Subash Pandit
Factory Manager



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